N-Butyl Acetate

N-Butyl Acetate

Product Details:
  • Purity: 99.5%min
  • Appearance: Colorless Liquid
  • Water %(m/m): Greater than or equal to 0.05

N-Butyl Acetate is a four carbon straight chain alcohol. It is a volatile, clear liquid with a strong alcoholic odour boils at 118 °C, and miscible with water. NBA is a highly refractive compound which corrodes some plastics, and rubbers.

NBA is flammable strongly with a luminous flame. N-butanol is used as a direct solvent and as an intermediate in the manufacture of other organic chemicals e.g. Butyl acrylate and methacrylate, glycol ethers, butyl acetate, direct solvent use, plasticisers, amino resins, miscellaneous, including butylamines. Zealand.


  • Balanced composition

  • Free from impurities

  • Long shelf life

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